SR Entertainment

Weddings, Corporate, Proms, Dances, Graduations, Birthdays...etc.

Professionals We Team With

to bring the most memorable experience for our clients and their guests

Kuldip Shergill

Emcee, Officiant, Uplighting, Monogram, Slideshow
Experience since 2010

Crichton Uale

DJ, Emcee, Sound, Silent Disco, 
Lighting & Artist

Experience since 2001

Chris Young

DJ Big Drop & Uplighting
Experience since 2001




DJ Infamous Styles
Experience since 2006

Lincoln Tokita

Resident DJ at Playbar Waikiki
Experience since 2005

Aaron Requilman

Aaron the DJ
Weddings & Events Specialist



Michael Scalera

DJ Mastermind, Sound, Lighting, Promoter,
Owner of Guarantee Clothing. 
Solar Business & Roof Construction
Experience since 1998

Brandon Glanry

DJ Duh Breeze

Rudy Laulu

S&R DJs Owner
DJ, Emcee, Sound

Sabrina Laulu
S&R DJs Founder, Booking Assistant, Uplighting, Monogram, Slideshow, 
Financial Rep & Driver
Experience Since 1977. Also known as DJ Rudedogg.

Sabrina is the wife and business partner of Rudy Laulu.




Disc Jocky, Emcee, Uplighting & Photobooth

Bryan Min

Afternoon Drive Personality @ 947KUMU Weekend Personality @ 931Da'Paina Midday Personality @ 959 Da' Paina (Kaua'i) at Ohana Broadcasting Company


Mike Izon

Singer & Artist