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Dj Rudedogg

A self-taught DJ who started off with mixing cassette tapes and different experiences  along the way till his success now in Hawaii. 

Born with Talent

He's been Djing for the clubs and radio stations since 1997. DJ Rudedogg worked with multiple venues, events, promoters and celebrity concerts. Music is his passion. He loves to see the crowd dancing to his music, enjoying themselves and having fun. The smiles on their faces makes his night. 

Still 21

Dj Rudedogg has so much passion with music especially Caribbean, Latin and Hip-hop music. But he also knows how to adapt to the clients/customer's preference of music. There are no other Djs known on the island that can do that, to my knowledge anyways. Being a Hawaii DJ, it's very important to understand different types of crowd because of the the tourist, where they visit from, how to get them dancing all night. No matter how old he is, he is always at 21 knowing what the crowd wants. His passion is what makes him a great DJ.  

His current Night Club venues are:

  • Saturday Nights at Playbar Night Club in Waikiki 
    • (Mainly Hiphop, some Top 40, Latin & Caribbean music)
  • 2nd Saturday Nights at Bar 35 in Downtown
    • (Caribbean, Latin & Hiphop Theme)
  • Special Events: updates on his Facebook Page